So I woke up this morning and saw the container with the goulash in the sink and thought to myself,”NOOOOOOOOO,” well now I have to cook something else for dinner. How to do figure that out. I go to my Pinterest, and I scroll through my board and see what I want to fix. Pinterest is my go to for cooking recipes. There are just so many different simple recipes on there. It is just too good to pass up and on days where I am feeling lazy or I am too busy it works out perfectly for me. So today I fixed Bacon Cheeseburger Meatloaf. The only thing I did differently was I cooked it in the oven on 420 instead of in the crockpot. It stilled turned out delicious like it does 90% of the time. Here is the link. Go check it out you guys will not be disappointed!

Also If you need a dessert to go with your meal this cake will be the best cake you have ever made! I have made my fair share of desserts and this cake was so amazing after it was all gone I went back to the store to buy more ingredients to make it lol. Enjoy!